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Santher was founded 81 years ago. Since then, the company dedicates itself to building brands and business on the markets of consumer goods, paper for industrial use and hygiene solutions for factories, businesses and hotels.

The company was born from the dreams of a great man: Fadlo Haidar, born on May 24th 1895 in the village of Talia, in Lebanon. He graduated in medicine on the American University of Beirut and worked for two years as a doctor in Paris, where he became a surgeon. Fadlo arrived in Brazil in 1921, where he kept working as an MD.

On September 23rd 1938, Dr. Fadlo acquired a lot for building on a neighborhood called Penha de França, on the east side of São Paulo. There, he started construction the Santa Therezinha paper factory, that started operating in December 1939 and focused mainly in producing paper for packaging. The Haidar family has been managing Santher ever since through their place on the board of directors.

Until June 2020, the Haidar family remained in charge of the company as Santher’s Board of Directors. After that date, H&PC Brazil Participações S.A acquired the company and the Japanese organizations Daio Paper Corporation and Marubeni Corporation S/A are now in charge of the business.


  • 1938 Santher’s foundation: construction of the Penha unit by Doctor Fadlo Haidar.
  • 1966 Santher joins the consumer market with the Santepel napkin brand.
  • 1971 In the 70’s, Santher joins the hygiene market. In 1972, the company launches it’s biggest brand: Personal.
  • 1975 The Kiss brand is launched on the tissue market.
  • 1978 The Fadlo Haidar unit is inaugurated. The Consumer Business Unit begins it’s operation. The Professional Unit is launched soon after.
  • 1984 The company acquires the Governador Valadares unit, on the state of Minas Gerais. Operating until 2016, the unit was central in the expansion of the Santher brands on the North and Northeast regions of the country.
  • 1989 The Snob brand debuts in the napkin and paper towel market.
  • 1994 Santher joins the Institutional market with the Professional Business Unit.
  • 1997 Santher acquires the Guaíba unit on the state of Rio Grande Do Sul. Besides the Penha Unit, the Guaiba factory attend the Specialty Paper market.
  • 2000 Santher joins the Personal Care market with the Sym brand of sanitary and daily pads.
  • 2003 Santher’s management is professionalized with the creation of the Administrative Council and the hiring of an Executive President.
  • 2009 Santher joins the diaper market with the Personal Brand.
  • 2016 The distribution center in Bragança Paulista, on the São Paulo state, is inaugurated. Built on the Fadlo Haidar unit, it’s the most modern distribution center of the tissue industry in Latin America.
  • 2018 Santher turns 80 years old and the Personal brand enters the sanitary and daily pads with Personal Íntimo and Personal No Escape.
  • 2020 H&PC Brazil Participações S/A acquires Santher. Since then, the Japanese organizations Daio Paper Corporation and Marubeni Corporation S/A are now in charge of the business.


Santher produces over 180 thousand tons of paper every year. That volume puts Santher among the 15 biggest companies worldwide in production capacity. Investing in technology is key for the company’s business model. Santher invests in high tech equipment for all its areas, starting with the product manufacturing and including the distribution and selling of the finished product to the consumer. Besides that, the distribution center in Bragança, on the state of São Paulo, is one of the best in all Latin America, with high level of automation. The distribution center also has the most modern fire prevention system in Brazil’s tissue industry. 

The company operates through three business units:


Offers solutions in personal care to all families, with brands that found their place into over 13 million households around the country. The brands Personal, Snob, Sym, Santepel, Kiss and Charme are present on the segments of personal hygiene, paper towels, napkins, diapers, sanitary pads and sanitary napkins, winning more and more of the consumer preference with high quality and innovation


Offers complete solutions of hygiene and cleaning to the institutional market that includes shopping centers, restaurants, hospitals, universities and industries. The unit’s goal is to guarantee the client’s satisfaction, providing quality and assistance and playing an innovative part on the marketplace, with a serious commitment to the environment.


Makes specialty paper for packaging of multiple products, like chocolates, candy and bread. The Specialty Papers unit was the first business venture in Santher’s history and it’s still surpassing expectations, answering to different necessities of the consumer with excellence, quality and in compliance with the ISO9001, FSC® (Forest Stwardship Council) and ISEGA certifications. Those certifications enable Santher to supply worldwide end users, exporting to Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Oceania.


Santher’s goal is to reach excellence in branding, production and all its processes. Respecting consumers and the environment, the company develops technological solutions that are capable to reduce its impact on the environment and anticipate necessities, following the changes of a sector that is in a constant state of improvement, establishing solid alliances and partnerships.



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