Our people

Santher is made by people with strong hearts. Inspired by the company values, our employees work daily to reach excellence in all our processes and products. We look for high technology and performance solutions, respecting the customer and the environment. We’re a family that devotes our work to all other families around the country.


Our values demonstrate the way we think and act, reflecting our essence and guiding the behaviour we expect from each employee. They are aligned with the way we conduct our business and that is crucial to the maintenance of our success. That’s how we strengthen our brand on a daily basis.

  • Owner attitude

    We value workers that think and act like business owners. People who feel outraged towards bad attitudes, that look for opportunities at every turn, that don’t allow waste, that take care of what belongs to everyone and that establish high standards for its work.

  • Ethics and respect

    We appreciate respect in everything surrounding people, society and the environment, always respecting the rules and legislation, using ethics as the north for all our actions.

  • We care for our brands

    Our brands support our reputation. Taking care of them is the responsibility of every person that is part of our team, improving our image and encouraging growth.

  • Commitment to the consumer

    We are demanding with our product and service quality. This is reflected in the lasting and trusting  relation with our clients and consumers.

  • Profit focus

    For a lasting company, profit is central. That’s why we look incessantly for sustainable long-term results.

Social programs

Santher develops voluntary work among its employees as a differential for building a brand made by people for people. The company works with social programs that cover everything from clothes collection, to  book giveaways, and toys for the less fortunate. Santher’s workers are encouraged to choose the best organizations for donations, improving their participation in the process and creating a sense of family and community. Santher also donates products regularly to 14 institutions that include spiritist centers, unions, churches, schools and nursing homes.


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Aprendiz legal

At Santher, we’re part of the Aprendiz Legal program. The people hired through this initiative receive professional training and a shared career path, where part of their workday is spent on special courses. We try to keep the best apprentices after their contracts expire, helping our team to grow with good professionals.

Our brands

Our brands


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