Care for the environment

Santher cares about the environment and adopts an environmental management system that works to balance industrial activity, man influence and ecological needs. The company manages solid waste treatment, effluents and gas emissions, using natural resources rationally and preventing pollution, promoting sustainable development and compliance with environmental laws.


Effluent Management

Santher recycles all the water used during the production process. All effluents generated in manufacturing are treated by a rigorous water monitoring system, assuring compliance to the quality standard defined by environmental law. All effluents that are not used after treatment get sent back to the Jaguari River before Santher’s capture point, showing commitment and responsibility over the effluent quality and contributing to the conservation of the Piracicaba, Capivari and Jundiaí river basins.


Solid Waste

The selective collection program separates waste accordingly and encourages reduction, reutilization and recycling of all materials. Every month, Santher recycles almost 5 million tons of paper. This process avoids the cutting of almost 1 million trees. In 2002, the company was awarded the certification ISO 9000:2000 for its work on paper recycling.


Impact reduction

Santher works tirelessly to control and reduce gas emissions to avoid the greenhouse effect. The company started moving away from fossil fuels in 2001, changing the energy sources utilized in its process to cleaner options. For paper drying, Santher stopped using diesel in favor of natural gas. The gas from the boilers is also being changed for renewable sources, reducing environmental impact in  the process.


Sustainable Products

Santher’s production is sustainable, using reforestation wood and recovered natural fibers from carton packages post-use. That initiative reduces the use of wood, water, energy and chemicals when compared to traditional industrial processes. The whole recycling project also helps generating jobs for collectors and trash cooperatives, reducing the amount of waste on dumping grounds and landfills.


FSC® Certification

One of our sustainability-focused actions was the attainment of the FSC®️ Certification (Chain of Custody) for the Penha (FSC®️ C128928), Guaíba (FSC®️ C128926) and Bragança Paulista (FSC®️ C155438) units. It guarantees that all the raw materials (cellulose) used in our products come from ecologically appropriate, socially fair and economically viable managed forests.


Post-use packaging return

Santher is proud to be a part of the “Dê a Mão para o Futuro” project, an organization that helps raising awareness about the best ways to manage waste. The project helps recycling organization through bigger and better collection systems. The non-profit organization promotes social inclusion and better job options to the workers who collect and recycle waste all around the country.

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